“Review of Selvutsletter by Jenny Hval – glimpses of genius” “Exploring Selvutsletter: A Review of Jenny Hval’s Brilliance”


Norwegian musician Jenny Hval and her husband, guitarist Håvard Volden, make up the experimental duo Lost Girls, named after Alan Moore’s controversial 90s graphic novel. While the explicit sexual content of Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy from Oz, and Peter Pan’s Wendy is absent here, Hval’s focus remains on creativity, femininity, and art. Lost Girls’ first album, Menneskekollektivet (which means “human collective” in Norwegian), combines electronic dance elements with Hval’s musings on the relationship between creator and audience. Their latest release, Selvutsletter (“self-destruct”), features more traditional song structures but maintains a boldly adventurous tone.

The Gothic and brooding Ruins is an exceptional piece of music, with a stunningly austere composition. The heavy bass complemented by icy drums creates a shivering effect, while Hval’s beautiful vocals gracefully float above it all. However, the duo often pits the singer against the song rather than allowing them to work together in this seemingly semi-improvised style. The more traditional tracks, like June 1996’s nostalgic indie tune or the delightful harmonies and skilled guitar in With the Other Hand, are the most appealing. While technically impressive, Selvutsletter fails to fully utilize its sporadic moments of brilliance, such as the glorious choruses in Sea White, to justify its numerous lengthy and aimless sections.

Source: theguardian.com

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