Review of Blink-182’s “One More Time”: Pop-punk trio matures while maintaining their trademark gross-out style.


It may be tempting to dismiss Blink-182 as a comedic band, but they have a special quality that turns their immature lyrics and predictable music into something more. One More Time, their unexpected new album following a disagreement between Tom DeLonge and fellow band members Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, captures the essence of youth, the struggles of growing older, and the never-ending temptation of indulging in oneself.

The artwork for One More Time.

In 2021, Hoppus was diagnosed with cancer, and this brought about a reunion between him and DeLonge. In the song’s chorus, they take turns asking, “Do I have to pass away to hear you say you miss me?” This track is reminiscent of their popular 2004 hit, “I Miss You,” with its soft drum beats and DeLonge’s trademark tremulous vocals that bring to mind Kermit the Frog in his most emotional state.

While acknowledging the concept of death, Blink has maintained their talent for creating catchy choruses before transitioning into a haunting and hypnotic bridge, serving as a reminder that life is short and one should enjoy it while they can. This sentiment is reflected in their track Dance With Me, where they join a crowd of sweaty and energetic individuals chanting “olé olé olé”. Though the repetition can become tiresome, the album occasionally offers moments of spontaneity and liberation, such as the Turn This Off! interlude that could easily fit into a 1997 Epitaph sampler.

Blink-182’s music used to focus on shocking and irritating adults, but now it delves into themes of human vulnerability and the fear of death. While there are still humorous references to masturbation, sex in a church, and the pronunciation of turpentine, there is also a deeper existential element to their music. As they sang in 1997 as younger individuals: I suppose this is part of growing up.


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