Readers shared their experiences of Taylor Swift’s Eras concert film, with some mentioning that they were moved to tears while singing along.

I wasn’t excited about it, but it turned out to be pure and enjoyable.

I attended the concert with my child who is a fan, although I was not particularly excited about it due to its length. However, I found enjoyment in the extravagant costume changes and impressive stage production, and I was amazed by Swift’s endurance. My favorite moment of the performance was during the enchanting Folklore segment, where the young Swift fans at the front of the stage held hands and formed a circle, swaying and twirling together. It was a heartwarming and charming sight. This experience was shared by Melanie Seddon from West Sussex.

An excellent overview of Taylor’s accomplishments in various genres.

The movie theater experience made me feel like I was actually at the concert. The audience’s enthusiasm and the theater’s decision to allow singing and dancing created an immersive atmosphere. It was amazing to be surrounded by fellow Taylor Swift fans and to witness their inside jokes and synchronized singing throughout the film. As a long-time fan, watching her perform songs from her discography over the years brought about a sense of nostalgia and pride. One standout moment was her rendition of “Illicit Affairs,” which showcased not only her vocal talent but also the depth of emotion in her performance. The entire audience stood up and sang along, solidifying it as a fan favorite. Arabella, 25, from London.

“We belted out every lyric of All Too Well.”

I went to the concert with some friends from my old job at a record store. Whenever a new Taylor Swift album was released, time would fly by as we listened to it on repeat. The concert film was a mix of popular songs and lesser-known tracks for dedicated fans. We stood, sang along, and had a great time, even though the theater wasn’t very crowded. The group of young girls next to us seemed to be enjoying themselves, but they didn’t seem to know some of the songs that weren’t released as singles. On the other hand, the four 30-year-old indie rock fans in the corner were screaming every word to the 10-minute version of “All Too Well”. The most powerful moments were when Taylor let the crowd join in and the camera zoomed in on her face, reminding us that she’s just a person in the middle of it all. Overall, it was an impressive concert film, but it probably wouldn’t change the opinion of someone who isn’t already a fan. It’s the strength and dedication of Swifties like us that made the film special, and Taylor would likely agree. Matthew, 30, London

Swift performing at SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, on August 3.

‘I nodded off’

I am not a fan of Taylor Swift, but the production and transitions were executed effectively and she gave a great performance. I did fall asleep at one point, possibly because I am not someone who enjoys concerts. I do not understand why people are willing to pay high prices to attend live shows like this. However, I was satisfied with the $20 ticket price for a night out and my wife also enjoyed it. It was a smart decision by Swift’s promoters to quickly release this show in theaters due to high demand. I have paid more for shows that were not as entertaining. Anonymous, 47, Chicago, IL

‘The show is bitty, but full of great moments’

It’s possible that Taylor Swift’s popularity hasn’t yet spread to all parts of the world. I was the only one in the auditorium for the 11:15pm showing of her opening night at Vue cinema in Birkenhead. It was a great experience for me, sitting in the middle of the back row. The show had some disjointed moments and lacked the smooth staging seen in her previous tours for the albums “1989” and “Reputation.” However, there were still many amazing moments, with the standout being her captivating performance of “All Too Well.” Her singing was full of conviction and it was easy to forget the elaborate stage and just focus on her emotions, as the camera stayed mostly on her face for the 10-minute song. The stage setup for the songs from “Evermore” was also visually striking and memorable. The concert ended with a burst of fun and color during “Karma,” where all the performers could let loose a bit. I’m hoping to find resale tickets so I can see the show live at Anfield next year, if ticket prices become more affordable. John Keogh from Birkenhead also enjoyed the show and may also be looking for tickets to see it in person.

A movie experience that is beyond reality.

My friend and I purchased tickets for a concert happening next year. Despite the encouragement to dress up and exchange friendship bracelets, we decided to save those things for the actual event. At the beginning of the concert, an announcement was made allowing us to sing, dance, and be as loud as we wanted. It was impossible not to get caught up in the energy and emotions of the performance. Taylor Swift has been a significant part of our lives for the past 15 years, making this concert a special and unique experience. The film lasted almost three hours, but it seemed to pass by quickly. During the song “Tolerate It,” some audience members were seen crying and singing along. Each song held a different meaning for different people, and as the concert progressed, different individuals would stand up in excitement. In front of us, there was a family consisting of a mother, father, and older daughter who held hands during some of Taylor’s older songs from her Fearless album. Sophie, 25, London.

One fan outside a screening of Swift’s concert film.

“You are carried away.”

I watched this movie at the Cineworld Imax in Leicester Square with my 15-year-old son. I was extremely impressed by the film. While it does not have a clear storyline, there is a beautiful flow of emotions, rhythm, and themes without any jarring moments. Despite its length, the film carries you along effortlessly. The live performances of certain songs give them a fresh and new perspective – Champagne Problems and August are particularly outstanding and could be considered the highlight of the film. As with most concert films, it may not have the same impact on a smaller screen, but watching it in a cinema is truly an incredible experience. Jeremy Reynolds, 57 years old, from London.


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