Pack brollies and SPF: rain and sun forecast for Wimbledon’s opening week

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Wimbledon starts next week, ushering in the return of a quintessentially British event. Sadly, it will be joined by another – rain.

The tennis tournament will begin on Monday. Forecasters are predicting showery spells for parts of the opening week – though the competition is expected to have a sunny start.

The Met Office meteorologist Ellie Glaisyer said Monday would feel pleasant thanks to “mostly dry” weather with highs of around 20 to 22C.

She added: “Looking ahead to Tuesday, it looks like there could be a couple of showers around the afternoon.

“There will be some sunny spells between those showers and perhaps it’ll be a touch warmer, say 22 or 23 degrees.

“As we start to look a bit further ahead towards the middle of week, it looks like we’ll see dry cloud and maybe a spot of rain at times through Wednesday afternoon and into the start of Thursday.

“Temperatures are still staying similar to average, so into the low 20s through the second half of the week. But we’ll have more detail on that a little bit closer to the time.”

Asked for her advice to Wimbledon spectators, she said: “Make sure you pack your raincoat and umbrella just in case, and also your sunscreen in case it’s hot. Maybe a hat, as well.”

The unsettled weather was being caused by a jet stream heading to the UK, Glaisyer said, leading to low pressure over the country.

She said: “It’s quite a changeable picture at the moment, just due to the location of the jet stream.”

Saturday is likely to bring showery conditions across the north of Scotland, with patchy rain across parts of northern England and Wales.

“The best of the sunshine is likely to be across southern and eastern parts of England this afternoon, and then later across Northern Ireland and northern England as well,” Glaisyer said.

“Temperatures today [Saturday] will see highs of 23, maybe 24 degrees. Perhaps an isolated 25 in the far south-east, but definitely feeling a little cooler across northern parts of Scotland.

“Sunday is generally a day of scattered showers, with quite a bit of cloud around for most places, but there will be some breaks between the cloud. The best sunshine will probably be in the south-west of the UK and maybe in the south-east as well.

“Temperatures are likely to reach 22 or 23 degrees in the south, and mid to high teens further north.”


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