Euro 2024: eight fans face criminal charges after Gelsenkirchen trouble – updates

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Liew’s piece on the chaos getting home after the match last night. The match finished at 11 but we did not make it back to Gelsenkirchen from the stadium until after 1am. There simply were not enough buses, trams or trains put on. It’s only normally a 15-20 minute drive…

It’s astounding really. The stadium is outside the city but how do the logistics work when Schalke play here? It makes you wonder if the mess was due to incompetence or just indifference from UEFA towards fans who have travelled hundreds of miles and spent thousands to follow their teams, and who are really what make these tournaments so special.

Kylian Mbappé called on France’s youth to vote against rising ‘extremes’ in the election, Marcus Thuram added that, “We all need to fight daily so that this doesn’t happen and that the National Rally does not succeed.”

Keep an eye on this one.

wondering how their country’s ordeal might galvanise them and their loyal supporters.

Then at 5pm it’s Belgium v Slovakia. Are we still referring to Domenico Tedesco’s team as a golden generation? Can Kevin De Bruyne propel his team to, well, not glory, but respectability at least?

And closing out today’s programme we have Austria v France at 8pm. The French are the pre-tournament favourites with Kylian Mbappe odds on to win the Golden Boot. But the young captain has grabbed attentions for non-football reasons, calling on his fellow French youths to vote against rising “extremes” in the upcoming national election.

Should be another cracking day of footy.

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