Peggy Gou: I Hear You review – sparkling 90s-inspired dance

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Korean DJ-producer Peggy Gou is one of the most successful women in her field. She’s about to headline a huge outdoor party in London and reckons she’s played to a million fans in the past year. As often in the dance industry, success precedes suspicion: Gou’s first break came when a promoter saw her photo rather than heard her DJ; she’s into fashion as much as music; her songs often rehash club classics. These things are all true, but they don’t much matter; I Hear You is a sparkling introduction to Gou’s eclectic “K-house” sound.

All corners of 90s dancefloors are scoured for inspiration. Back to One and 1+1=11 could be vintage Strictly Rhythm tracks, while slivers of mellow techno, piano house and even Renegade Soundwave pop up, as well as that earworm interpolation of 9pm (Till I Come) during huge crossover hit (It Goes Like) Nanana. Gou deftly creates irrepressible music equally suited to tiny basements, Bluetooth speakers or Berghain’s Panorama bar, the Berlin nightspot where she gained so much of her clubbing education. The oldest track might be the best though – I Go is classic Balearic to its sun-bleached bones.


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