Bad behaviour is no barrier for Nick Kyrgios | Brief letters

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The BBC’s hiring of Nick Kyrgios as a Wimbledon commentator (Report, 22 May) surely signals to young people that antisocial behaviour, both on and off the court, is not only acceptable but can be an entry to a lucrative career in the media.
Elaine Luke
Fairlight, East Sussex

Fifteen minutes after Leeds were beaten by Southampton in the Championship playoff final (Sport, 26 May), an ice-cream van stopped on our road playing “Smile though your heart is … breaking”. Not sure it had many takers.
Noel Cullinane

Re the north-south dietary divide (Letters, 21 May), in a Hull suburb in the late 1970s, our greengrocer once displayed a solitary aubergine in his window. Questioned as to what it was, he proudly declared: “An or-ber-gine” (rhyming with wine). When asked how it should be used, he came up with: “For garnish.”
Sheila Seacroft

When my sister asked for Hula Hoops in an Isle of Skye grocery shop in 1989, she was referred to the toy shop.
Max Glaskin
Brighton, East Sussex

Re forever chemicals and nonstick pans (They’re in pans, fruit, dust – and even tap water. But can I eradicate toxic forever chemicals from my home?, 25 May), I use anodised pans, which are more environmentally friendly.
Chris Arrowsmith
Cam, Gloucestershire


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