Hainault attack: school praises Daniel Anjorin’s ‘positive and gentle’ character

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The 14-year-old boy killed in the east London sword attacks was praised as a “true scholar”, gentle and a gifted footballer, as it emerged he attended the same school as one of the victims of the 2023 Nottingham stabbings.

Daniel Anjorin, was a student at the private Bancroft’s school in Woodford Green, which is still reeling from losing the former student Grace O’Malley-Kumar in June 2023.

Daniel’s mother worked at an east London school and it is believed he was attacked close to his home in Hainault on his way to classes at about 7am on Tuesday.

One witness said the teenager had left home and put in earphones. There was a shout from a resident, warning of danger because a man had a sword, and then the schoolboy fell to the ground, having been stabbed.

In a statement, Daniel’s school told of the devastation felt by pupils, staff and former students.

“This has left us in profound shock and sorrow,” it said. “Daniel joined Bancroft’s at seven years old and quickly became a core member of our community. He was a true scholar, demonstrating commendable dedication to his academic pursuits.

“His positive nature and gentle character will leave a lasting impact on us. Losing such a young pupil is something we will always struggle to come to terms with. We are now doing all we can to support our entire community through this most painful situation.”

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The ripple effects of the stabbings continued to be felt.

Daniel’s mother worked at the Holy Family Catholic school in Walthamstow, east London. A statement on the school’s website said: “It is with great sadness that I share with you the news of the death of the child of one of our staff members.

“Mrs Anjorin’s son was taken from this life suddenly this morning on his way to school. Please keep Mrs Anjorin, her husband and their other children in your prayers.”

Grace’s father, Dr Sanjoy Kumar, said the schoolboy’s family and friends would be distraught. He told ITV: “It’s absolutely appalling. You can’t even imagine what the parents are going through. This is just the most difficult thing for any parent to endure.”

A friend of Daniel’s said he was a keen football fan. Cyan Thompson, 19, told the Evening Standard: “He was such a good person with great manners. He was so caring. He loved football and was like a mini-Messi when he was younger. He also loved Arsenal.

“He was so bright with a great future ahead, very good at solving maths problems. We are heartbroken.”

Janti Charalambous, a family friend, said: “Daniel was an amazing young man. He was good at his studies. He was good at his sports. Very much loved by many, many people and came from a wonderful family.

“The family are in shock … He was such a young boy taken away from his family.”

Another friend, Ade Caxton-Cole, said the Anjorin family were finding solace in their faith. “They have hope and we have hope that we will all be seeing him one day so long as we have hope in Christ,” he said.

Detectives were attempting on Wednesday to question the man suspected of carrying out the stabbings in Hainault ,after doctors declared him fit to leave hospital and formally enter police custody.

The 36-year-old was arrested at the scene of the 22-minute violent rampage that left Daniel dead and four others injured.

Detectives are consulting the homicide division of the Crown Prosecution Service as they consider whether or not to bring criminal charges.

The suspect sustained injuries after a vehicle crashed into a house in the London suburb, before video showed him clutching a bladed weapon and shouts of panic and terror as he moved around the area.

He was detained after being subdued by the firing of a Taser – an electric stun gun. Two police officers at the scene sustained significant injuries.

Both were recovering in hospital, with a female officer having sustained serious limb injuries. Surgeons tried to save her arm and had to reattach nerves and blood vessels during an emergency operation.

DCI Larry Smith, who is leading the investigation, said: “This is an incredibly tragic incident that has resulted in a young boy losing his life and his family devastated.”

The Metropolitan police said: “We know that a 33-year-old man was struck when the suspect crashed his van into the property in Laing Close. He was then attacked by the suspect and suffered a wound to his neck.

“A 35-year-old man suffered lacerations to his arm when he was attacked inside a nearby property.”

Police said Daniel, who lived nearby, was attacked next. It is believed he happened on the scene while on his way to school and a man swiped the sword in his direction.

Officers then tried to subdue the suspect, but incapacitant spray did not work. It was after this the two officers were attacked. More officers then came face to face with the suspect. The Met said: “The suspect fled again before being surrounded by other officers in Thurlow Gardens. They used Taser to overpower him.”

The Met commissioner, Sir Mark Rowley, hailed the bravery of his officers and gave further details about the two who were injured.

Rowley told LBC radio: “I saw the [male] inspector whose hand is badly damaged. I saw him before the operation, and he was in good spirits. But he’s got a lot of patching up to be done on his hand. Really serious injuries there.

“And I was talking to the family and colleagues of the woman officer who’s really badly damaged [her] arm, really seriously damaged and the surgeon spent … many, many hours basically putting her arm back together. It will be a long journey of recovery.”

There was concern on Tuesday that the female officer had sustained injuries so severe she might lose her hand.

Rowley said: “It’s really horrifically serious injuries. Based on what the surgeon was saying yesterday, we’re increasingly optimistic that with sort of months and years and lots of physio, that full recovery may be possible.

“I think [the surgeon] spent hours and hours sort of operating under microscopes to reattach nerves and vessels and things. Just extraordinary.”

Source: theguardian.com

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