Post Office minister: people responsible for the Horizon scandal ‘should go to jail’ – UK politics live

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said those affected should be compensated with recommended payouts of between £1,000 and £2,950 a person.

Stride told listeners this morning that “as the ombudsman report was published, at the earliest opportunity I personally appeared at the dispatch box in parliament. I made an oral statement … [and] took an hour and a half of questions from colleagues from right across the house and I have reassured them that … we will come back without undue delay.”

However, pressed on timing, Stride said he would not be “coaxed” into making an announcement, saying:

I’m not going put a precise time limit on it, but we do need to look at these things very carefully. This was a report that was five years in the making. It does relate to matters that started with legislation in 1995. So over 30 years ago, people have very strong feelings on both sides of the argument here.

I think I owe it to everybody to really make sure that the guiding light in this process is that it is thorough, and that it is conclusive, because it has gone on for an awfully long time – under governments of different colours incidentally – and going back 30 years.

went into recession in the last two quarters of 2023. Inflation in shop prices in the UK has eased to the lowest level for more than two years, but food inflation is still running at 3.7%, higher then the Bank of England’s 2% target for inflation.decriminalise abortion up to 24 weeks

  • Labour has announced plans to digitise the NHS “red book” that parents use for their children’s medical records

  • The Foreign Office has been criticised as “elitist and rooted in the past” in a new report

  • UK rent rises are forecast to outpace wage growth for the next three years

  • People receiving the state pension will get a 8.5% increase worth an extra £900 a year to full rate claimants starting from today. Universal credit claimants will receive a 6.7% increase

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