Lancashire police ‘reviewing’ letter relating to Mark Menzies allegations

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Lancashire police have said they are “reviewing” a letter in relation to allegations against the Fylde MP, Mark Menzies, who is accused of misusing campaign funds.

Menzies lost the Conservative whip and was suspended as one of Rishi Sunak’s trade envoys this week after the Times published claims he had used political donations to cover medical expenses and pay off “bad people” who had locked him in a flat and demanded thousands of pounds for his release.

Menzies disputes the allegations and the Tory party has said it is looking into the claims and is taking them seriously.

In a statement on Friday evening, a Lancashire police spokesperson said: “We can confirm that we have now received a letter detailing concerns around this matter and we are in the process of reviewing the available information in more detail.”

More details soon …


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