Gareth Southgate expresses frustration over England’s struggling with injuries, as it is unlikely that Kane will be able to participate.

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England’s head coach Gareth Southgate is dealing with the most severe injury situation in his seven and a half years on the job. He has stated that it is highly unlikely that Harry Kane will participate in the upcoming international matches.

England’s readiness for Euro 2024 intensifies as they face Brazil and Belgium at Wembley, but worries about the team’s physical readiness prevent them from announcing their most formidable starting lineup. Coach Southgate, who joined in the discussion about Nike’s design of a colorful St George’s Cross flag on the new kit, was not able to include several key players in his squad last week and his difficulties with choosing the team are increasing ahead of Saturday’s friendly with Brazil.

The primary worry has been on the defensive front, as Reece James, Luke Shaw, Levi Colwill, and Kieran Trippier are currently unavailable. However, other positions are also becoming a concern. Midfielder Jordan Henderson will not be playing in the Brazil match and there are openings on the offensive end. Additionally, Bukayo Saka left the training camp due to a muscle issue, Cole Palmer may not be ready for the Belgium game, and Kane is dealing with an injured ankle.

Given that this is England’s final camp before June, the current circumstances are far from ideal for Southgate. He expressed doubt that Kane will be able to play against Belgium and considered if the growing expectations placed on players are affecting their availability.

The speaker mentioned that people often seek easy answers for difficult issues. They also shared that certain individuals have faced bad luck, such as when Kane hurt his ankle after colliding with the net during a recent match. Despite having a break from playing and being absent from our league, Kane’s injury has impacted his physical functioning.

Several athletes have experienced a series of injuries, while others may have returned to playing too soon after recovering from injuries. The intense nature of the games and extended playing time may be contributing factors. It is evident that a significant number of our 40 players are currently unable to play in tomorrow’s game, which is the most we have ever had.

Southgate’s attention is on clubs participating in post-season tours. A few of his players will be flying long distances when Newcastle and Tottenham travel to Australia for a friendly match just three days after the conclusion of the Premier League season.

Southgate stated that this will occur increasingly. Why? Due to financial fair play, clubs must generate their own revenue. The traditional method is to play more matches, so is this positive news for our preparation? No.

“We are anticipating having players participate in the FA Cup and potentially the Champions League final, as well as a few other European finals. This is a routine preparation for us. For instance, we recently had to prepare for our trip to Qatar with only five days of preparation.”

Conor Gallagher may potentially replace Henderson in the midfield, but there is now competition from Kobbie Mainoo. The 18-year-old midfielder from Manchester United has received his first summons this week.

“We have a lot of respect for him as a player,” said Southgate. “We took his age into consideration. When it comes to young players, it is important to take the right steps at the right time. However, due to the complications we’ve faced with Hendo this week, he’s next up. He has made a positive impression on us.”

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The new design on the collar of England’s latest shirt, priced at £124.99, has left Southgate confused as it deviates from the traditional red and white flag. Nike and the Football Association are receiving harsh criticism for the high cost and the color scheme of the flag.

According to Southgate, if the flag is not white with a red cross, then it is not the St George’s flag. He believes that the design is unique and reminiscent of something that an artist like Banksy or Reuben Dangoor would create. However, the most significant element of the England shirt is the Three Lions. As a big patriot, he thinks that St George’s Day is a cause for celebration and should be acknowledged more.

It appears many individuals believe that the flag of St. George should not be altered because if it is, it would no longer be considered the flag of St. George.

“I’m struggling to understand that element. While they may have crafted a unique design, it cannot be considered the flag of St. George because it is not. It represents something else.”

Southgate, whose current agreement ends in December, declined to comment on speculations of him potentially taking over for Erik ten Hag at Manchester United this offseason. He emphasized that he will not choose his next steps until after the Euros.

The speaker stated that they are the manager of England and their main responsibility is to work towards winning the European Championship. They also mentioned that it is not appropriate to discuss rumors while Manchester United already has a manager. The speaker also holds the position of president in the LMA, but has no comments to make at this time.

According to Southgate, signing a contract before the Euros could be questioned as to why he is committing to it before proving himself. He also stated that he has never spoken to anyone else during his eight years in the job and will not consider doing so ahead of the upcoming tournament.


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