“I’m taken aback when individuals claim they’ve had intercourse to our music. That’s repulsive!”

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The Melbourne duo Good Morning is known for their folk-inspired DIY songs that delve into the details of love and daily life. They were once considered one of Australia’s hidden gems, but thanks to some unexpected endorsements, their music has gained attention.

Originally, Tyler, the Creator posted a pre-release single, “Warned You,” on his Instagram story. Later, in 2018, A$AP Rocky sampled one of their songs, which was described as “truly messed up” by the time. Eventually, “Warned You” became a popular choice on TikTok during the start of the pandemic, capturing the mood of lockdowns worldwide.

Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons, who have been friends since high school, began their musical journey under the name Good Morning more than ten years ago. Despite gaining a global following, the duo has now left their hometown where they were once underground favorites. Blair resided in Los Angeles over the past year, while Parsons currently resides in London. Despite the distance, collaborating feels comfortable and familiar as they work on their music together.

They only recently began playing with and producing for other artists separately. The experience has been “eye-opening”, says Blair: “I do, a lot of the time, feel more constricted [working with others]. Even just opening that world and realising how hard it can be makes it nice to come back home.”

Liam Parsons plays piano

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After our reunion, they have returned to Melbourne to advertise their seventh album, appropriately named Good Morning Seven. The album was written, recorded, and created at a specially designed studio in Preston. It is their longest and most daring record yet, filled with samples and adaptations from artists like Liz Phair and obscure music finds. The album also includes vocal harmonies, strings, and wind instruments to enhance the sound and add layers.

For this album, the writing process produced over 70 songs, with 40 being recorded before the final selection of 17. Parsons attributes the ease of trying new things and experimenting to the strong comfort and familiarity within the group.

This record marks a fresh start for the band following a busy couple of years. In the current year, Good Morning joined forces with Polyvinyl, a reputable indie label known for artists like Alvvays and American Football. They’ve been on tour throughout the US for the past six months. During their stop in Melbourne, they only performed at a record store, making it their sole Australian show for the foreseeable future.

Although it can be challenging for musicians in Australia to gain widespread recognition, there are some advantages to being part of a smaller artistic community. Blair explains, “If it weren’t for the funding we receive from the government, I highly doubt we would have the opportunity to tour internationally. When I talk to my friends in America, they don’t have access to that kind of support.” However, with their larger population, musicians in America are able to tour as a full-time job, which is not as common in Australia.

The band Good Morning photographed in North Fitzroy, Melbourne

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Parsons concurs. “Although we currently reside abroad, it is not because of our musical pursuits. In fact, the sense of community and isolation have been valuable for fostering creativity,” he explains. “In America, everything is a fierce competition and I believe that would not be conducive to my artistic process.”

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The city of Melbourne is a significant part of the foundation of Good Morning – both the band and the city credit the local group Dick Diver as an inspiration. Lead singer Parsons shares, “I was out for a jog yesterday morning, jamming to Dick Diver, appreciating the scent of eucalyptus trees, and belting out the lyrics.” Good Morning’s carefree and independent attitude is reminiscent of the spirit of Dick Diver. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we maintain a sense of humor and lightheartedness, without trying to be cool or seeking approval – this mindset reflects the culture of Melbourne and has served us well.”

The concept is present in Good Morning Seven, where multiple songs contemplate the future and the meaning of leading a creative existence. It could be viewed as an existential dilemma or simply a natural part of aging.

“How will my life continue once I stop making music?” asks Blair, who will be turning 30 in May. “As I age, I become less marketable in every other aspect of life. What will I do then?”

According to Parsons, it’s a common sentiment for parents to stress the importance of having a backup plan. However, at the age of 30, he confesses to not having one and lacks skills that would make him employable. If his current situation falls through, he believes he will be in trouble.

“It feels like anticipating an impending problem and thinking, ‘This is going to go wrong.’ But each day that it doesn’t, I am relieved and think, ‘Phew, I made it.'”

The band Good Morning photographed in North Fitzroy, Melbourne

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Morning melodies to start your day

Songs of Good Morning to uplift your mood

Every month, we request our featured artist to reveal the music that has been a part of their journey through love, life, desire, and mortality.

in the in the year of

The year of was one of the greatest for music.

Liam: In 2009, there were notable songs such as My Girls by Animal Collective, Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear, Stillness is the Move by Dirty Projectors, and 1901 by Phoenix.

Stefan praised someone’s impressive memory for remembering information from the early 2000s, specifically when Nelly Furtado was releasing tracks around the same time as FutureSex/LoveSounds. Although he could not name specific songs and years without checking, he estimated that 2006 saw the releases of “My Love,” “Promiscuous,” and “Say It Right.”


The beginning sequence of my biographical film is.

Stefan: Promiscuous.

Liam: Actually, that wouldn’t work as the opening credits. It would make more sense for the end. I question your ability to be the music supervisor for my biopic.

The music I regret creating.

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Stefan: I’m gonna say any Good Morning song I wrote pre-Basketball Breakups. You can have any of them, I don’t care.

Liam: Do you not care? I feel the same way! It’s tough because it pays our bills, but I really, really despise that song, “Warned You.”

Stefan commented that the song is not good and suggested to lock it in.

Liam: Confirm or finalize it!

The song I usually sing at karaoke

Liam requested the song “Maggie May” by Rod Stewart.

Stefan: Cher’s song “Believe”.


The tune I am unable to hear once more.

Liam: Warned You.

Stefan: Let’s finalize it!

Liam: It would truly be my original composition.

I find myself having difficulty with Hey Jude lately. Although I don’t think it’s a terrible song, I’ve heard it too many times and it’s starting to feel repetitive.

The traditional melody that deserves to lose its name.

Stefan: I don’t like “Livin’ on a Prayer.”

Liam’s response: I initially thought Summer of ’69 was my answer, but upon hearing it recently, I feel like I have aged into that era. Perhaps it is due to nostalgia as we tend to reflect more on the endless summers of our youth as we grow older.


I had a favorite song when I was a teenager.

Stefan recommended the book “Alice” by Dick Diver.

Liam reminisced about a personal experience with a song of emotional significance, “All My Friends” by LCD Soundsystem, which he was obsessed with and talked about incessantly. He compared it to another nostalgic tune, “Summer of ’69,” but acknowledged that he may have been bothersome in his enthusiasm for it.

The optimal song for sexual activity.

Stefan believes that it may not be a traditional song, but rather a mix, possibly like an NTS mix, with minimal talking. He does not want to solely focus on choosing music.

Liam: I’ve never been interested in listening to music; I’ve always preferred to keep it separate. It’s strange to me when people say they’ve had sex while listening to our music. I find it disgusting.

Stefan recalled a conversation with an acquaintance from last week where they discussed listening to music while having sex. The friend mentioned getting up to flip the record, which Stefan found to be strange and irrational behavior.

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    The responses have been updated and shortened for better understanding.

  • The album “Good Morning Seven” by Good Morning will be released on March 22.

Source: theguardian.com

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