Spain emerge victorious in the Women’s Nations League after goals from Bonmatí and Caldentey take down France.

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On Wednesday night in Seville, Spain maintained their superiority in international football by defeating France to become the first champions of the Women’s Nations League. Aitana Bonmatí and Mariona Caldentey scored goals to secure a 2-0 win in front of over 32,000 spectators at La Cartuja. This victory adds to Spain’s previous World Cup success, solidifying their position as a top team in the sport.

Tomé was thrilled by her team’s performance as they easily defeated a highly regarded European opponent. She remarked, “I have a blend of seasoned veterans and promising young players on my team. Their competitive mindset is evident and we are confident in their ability to reach their fullest potential.”

Our current and future prospects are looking bright. These athletes have recently secured victory in the World Cup, and now this. We have finally defeated an opponent that has always eluded us before.

Despite their history of struggling against France in recent times, Spain’s triumph in this match seemed inevitable. Despite facing numerous challenges off the field, such as issues with management and lack of support from the federation, the players showed unwavering determination on the field. They were determined to showcase their abundant skills, an unbreakable drive to win, and the perseverance to pave the way for future generations.

The team from Spain is filled with talented players, with Tomé sticking to the same group that achieved victory last year. She maintained the same starting lineup that had effortlessly defeated the Netherlands 3-0 in the semifinals.

The coach of the French team, Hervé Renard, decided to keep the same lineup that had led them to victory against Germany on Friday. They were the only team in League A that had not been defeated this season, but they were well aware that they were in for a tough match. Amandine Henry, a key player in the midfield, reached an important milestone by playing her 100th game, despite previously having a strained relationship with the previous coach.

As the match began with an enthusiastic home audience, Spain controlled the game and prevented France from finding their offensive rhythm.

Bonmatí was naturally at the centre of everything. For Barcelona or Spain, the focus is drawn immediately to the diminutive figure at the heart of the midfield, and once again she was a puppet master pulling strings. Her commanding presence coupled with the strong running of Olga Carmona and Paralluelo enabled the hosts to control possession and push Renard’s team back.

Aitana Bonmatí of Spain scores her team’s first goal whilst under pressure from Sakina Karchaoui and Amandine HenryView image in fullscreen

Their dominance resulted in Spain having five opportunities in the first half, compared to France’s zero. Paralluelo was a key player, with her powerful shot just missing the goal and forcing Peyraud-Magnin to make her first save. Spain’s accurate set pieces were also causing problems for the French defense. Paredes’ strong header hit the crossbar as France struggled to defend against them in the air.

From the left side, it was expected that Spain would make a significant advancement. Carmona, the player who scored the winning goal in the World Cup, switched roles and used her quick movement to find space and make a cross. Bonmati, who is known for her positioning, was able to convert the shot and celebrate with Spain’s excited supporters.

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In the second half, France needed to change their approach in order to interrupt Spain’s dominant rhythm. They implemented a higher pressing strategy, with Kadidiatou Diani using her speed to challenge Carmona. This resulted in their first scoring opportunity, a shot from Élisa De Almeida that missed the target.

As Renard’s team seemed to be gaining control, Spain increased their advantage in the 53rd minute. This instance, it originated from the right side as Ona Batlle supplied Caldentey in the center of the goal area, allowing them to accurately score.

France occasionally posed a threat, but lacked a final touch as the game reached its end. Renard was visibly disappointed, acknowledging that his team needs to enhance their performance in order to achieve success at the 2024 Paris games. “We did not have a strong game against a team that is both the world champions and in good form,” he stated.

“They will be the top competitors at the Olympics, which will be a challenge. We must continue to progress, gain insights, and push ahead.”

After the whistle blew, the Spanish team quickly ran onto the field amidst a loud and resounding cheer filling the stadium. La Roja had once again achieved a remarkable feat, proving themselves to be an unbeatable and fearless team, with their sights now set on winning the Olympic gold.


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