Klopp is aiming to win the Carabao Cup and has stated that any celebrations will be solely for his team and not for anyone else.

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Jurgen Klopp has expressed that there are still more parts of his remarkable journey with Liverpool to come to fruition before it concludes. However, he believes that winning the Carabao Cup holds greater significance for the team than his personal legacy.

The manager of Liverpool stated that their comeback against Luton on Wednesday was a new chapter for the team. Despite having a depleted team, they were able to secure a victory and go four points ahead in the Premier League. The atmosphere at Anfield was electric and the manager expressed that he didn’t care about the opinions of others regarding his enthusiastic celebrations.

Liverpool has a chance to add another trophy to their collection in the Carabao Cup final against Chelsea on Sunday. Despite Klopp’s denial that winning silverware would hold more significance in his last season, he remains confident that his team can create a memorable farewell.

Klopp expressed his desire to win on Sunday, but not for personal gain or to add to his trophy collection. He will assess the fitness of Mohamed Salah, Darwin Núñez, and Dominik Szoboszlai before making a final decision. The victory would be for the team, the club, and the fans, which holds greater significance for Klopp.

Currently, our task is to create a remarkable book. We have already written a great portion of it, and we continue to work on it diligently. Once I depart, we will finalize the book and place it on the shelf for someone else to take over and write another amazing book. This is our plan. I am committed to giving my all until the very end and leaving nothing unfinished.

Before he leaves at the end of the season, Klopp has the possibility of winning four more trophies to add to his collection at Anfield. He expressed that he is not reflecting on his achievements yet, and is instead fully concentrating on making even more special memories on top of what has already been accomplished.

“We will see what is possible but the basis we created so far – come on, 60 points is an extraordinary amount with all the things that have gone on. And we all know it should be 61 or 63. [But for the VAR fiasco at Tottenham.] We all know that! It is so special and let’s keep going. The red part of Wembley should be rocking – that would be really nice. This team deserves each push.”

This week, the authorities overseeing the celebration of events were in action once more when Klopp raised his fist on all four sides of Anfield following the triumph against Luton. He emphasized that this action does not indicate that he values each victory as if it could be his final one.

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He explained, “Occasionally events occur in my life without prior intent.” He went on to say, “The game was truly remarkable and one that I will always remember and share with my grandchildren. The atmosphere was incredible and that’s what led to the exceptional performance.” He added, “Feel free to interpret my celebrations however you choose.”

I was made aware of the discussions about Mikel Arteta’s excessive celebration during our game. I want to clarify that I did not make those comments. Everyone is free to express themselves however they choose. Fist-pumps are not my invention and I do not claim ownership over them. My focus is on my team and our performance, not on how others perceive it. You can quote me on this, this victory is for us and no one else.

Source: theguardian.com

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