Jurgen Klopp praises the victory of Liverpool as “the most special, a memory that will last forever.”

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Jurgen Klopp praised Liverpool’s victory in the Carabao Cup, stating it was the most significant trophy he has won in his 23 years as a manager. He also referenced Alan Hansen’s famous quote, emphasizing that it is possible to achieve success with young players.

Liverpool entered the final against Chelsea with a weakened lineup and encountered more injury troubles when Ryan Gravenberch was substituted off in the 28th minute due to a rough challenge by Moisés Caicedo. Wataru Endo also departed Wembley on crutches after sustaining an ankle injury from a tackle by the same Chelsea midfielder.

Klopp led a team of young and inexperienced players, including Jayden Danns, James McConnell, Bobby Clark, and Jarell Quansah, in the final match.

Liverpool ended the match with a strong finish, as their captain Virgil van Dijk’s header secured their 10th League Cup victory in extra time. The manager, who will be leaving the team after this season, joined Van Dijk in lifting the trophy and praised the exceptional performance. He acknowledged that such achievements are rare and referenced a common English saying that suggests youth does not lead to success in winning trophies, which he was previously unaware of.

“After more than two decades, this trophy is undoubtedly the most meaningful one I have ever received. It is truly exceptional. People often ask me if I feel proud, and it’s a difficult question to answer. But tonight, I am overwhelmed with pride. I am proud of everyone who played a part in this achievement, proud of our team for their determination, proud of our staff for creating an environment where our players can excel, proud of our academy and coaches, and proud of many other things.”

“It was an incredibly intense experience. It wasn’t just because it could potentially be my final game at Wembley, but also because of the immense effort put in by everyone involved. The expressions on the faces of the young players, like Jayden Danns, after the game were priceless. Can you imagine creating football memories that will be remembered forever? It’s a daunting task. I’ve never heard of a similar story where academy players come on and defeat a top-tier team.”

Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, was proud of his young team. However, he was upset with the referee, Chris Kavanagh, and did not shake his hand after the game. He stated that his legacy was not important to him. As a manager, his job is to do his best for the football club. He believes that as long as the supporters remain loyal, the club will be successful.

“Every now and then, there are moments worth celebrating. This was one of those moments. You witnessed the game and the challenges we faced before and during it. The referee’s performance was not up to par and did not benefit either team. It was confusing and lacked common sense. It seems that referees are not trained or expected to have it.”

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“Navigating through all circumstances, we encounter exhausted players. It is uncertain who will be able to participate in Wednesday’s match against Southampton in the FA Cup as some of our players experienced issues until the very end of the game. We requested that Harvey Elliott and Luis Díaz remain in the forward positions and not drop back. This evening is one that will stick with me forever. It is a beautiful memory that will never fade.”

Source: theguardian.com

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