The Albanese administration is set to introduce a new law aimed at combating doxing.

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The leader of Australia’s government, Anthony Albanese, announced plans to introduce a law targeting doxing following the release of personal information from a WhatsApp group consisting of Jewish individuals in Australia.

On Monday, Albanese stated that Mark Dreyfus, the attorney general, was working on changes to privacy regulations and also investigating ways to make laws against hate speech more robust.

The Australian Jewry’s Executive Council urged for alterations in legislation after denouncing the release of a chat log involving over 600 Jewish authors and artists.

According to The Nine newspapers, the story claimed that the link included a list of links to social media profiles and a separate file with pictures of more than 100 individuals who identify as Jewish.

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Writer and commentator Clementine Ford last week published a link to the log of the group chat to her 239,000 Facebook followers, although she was not involved in the initial leak and was not the only person to post a link.

Ford informed her audience that she was sharing the written record of the exposed conversation in order to offer a glimpse into the organized attempts to censor Palestinian activists and their supporters.

In an interview with 2GB on Monday, Albanese expressed his plans to enact modifications to legislation.

The prime minister stated that he has requested the attorney general to propose legislation in regards to the Privacy Act evaluation. This legislation would address the issue of doxing, which is the intentional sharing of private information online.

“Let’s make it clear that these are 600 individuals working in the creative industries, who formed a WhatsApp group with no strong political leanings, to offer mutual support due to the rise of antisemitism.”

According to Albanese, the release of the information has resulted in individuals being singled out.

“The Jewish community is made up of individuals with varying perspectives on the Middle East,” he stated.

It is completely unacceptable for someone in Australia to be singled out based on their religion or faith, whether they are Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or Catholic.

I have also requested the attorney general to come up with ideas to enhance laws against hate speech, as this is not the Australia we desire.

When questioned about Albanese’s remarks, Ford replied: “The focus on altering stories to hide the reality is simply another strategy to cover up Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian population in Gaza.”

Ford stated that there is a larger attempt to vilify those who are unable to tolerate further casualties among children in Gaza.

“How many children must perish before Albanese realizes that he used to possess a strong will?”

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The purportedly leaked WhatsApp conversation contained multiple discussions about Ford, including a statement from a user: “My main objective is to bring down Clementine, whether by forcing her to publicly apologize, having her publisher drop her, or ideally both.”

Ford released a statement on Sunday addressing the leaked chat and condemning efforts by certain individuals, lobby groups, and the media to label it as ‘doxing’.

According to the statement, the group conversation was disclosed by a whistleblower and did not reveal any addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses.

The statement posted by Ford on Sunday expresses shock and concern over the tactics discussed in the transcript to harm and target individuals, particularly those who are Palestinian or advocate for an end to the genocide in Gaza.

Last week, Labor MP Josh Burns stated that the release of the information resulted in death threats and caused a family to go into hiding.

According to him, this has led to grave repercussions, including death threats directed towards individuals.

Dreyfus has been extensively involved in revising the Privacy Act, and the specific measures regarding anti-doxing have not yet been explicitly outlined.

The Australian Jewry Executive Council has requested that the Criminal Code be revised to prohibit the sharing of private or identifying information about individuals or groups with the intention of causing harm to the victim.

The president of Australia’s Jewish community, Daniel Aghion KC, expressed concerns for the safety and livelihoods of those within the community.

On Monday, he stated that the recent issue has been caused by the release of lists containing personal details, such as names and faces, of hundreds of people who all share the common characteristic of being Jewish.

Aside from legal modifications, Aghion urged social media platforms to permanently disable the accounts of individuals who have been found to use their accounts for doxing.

He stated that the purpose of social media is to connect people and communities, enabling swift information sharing.

“If accounts are utilized to endanger the well-being and financial stability of others, it is the responsibility of the platforms to take action.”


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