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The newest installment in the ongoing story about Cate Blanchett’s luxury ecological home being constructed in a charming coastal town in Cornwall, also known as “Hollywood-on-Sea”.

Neighbors have reported that the actor is disrupting family vacations with noise from construction on their property in Mawgan Porth.

In 2020, Blanchett and her husband, Andrew Upton, who is a playwright and screenwriter, purchased a cottage. The cottage was later taken down to build a five-bedroom environmentally friendly home after receiving approval from the Cornwall council in 2022.

In the most recent update, the couple is now proposing to construct a new entrance and parking area for the property’s additional plot of land that was acquired in 2021.

According to reports from Cornwall Live, Karen Burgess, a proprietor of a vacation rental, raised concerns about the excessive noise that severely disrupted the vacations of her guests last year. She stated that there was a complete lack of consideration for the issue, resulting in the ruining of joyful family vacations.

In a statement submitted to the Cornwall council in January, she expressed her objection by stating, “The losses exceeded £60,000 last year and yet we are still being forced to advertise the property as affected by building noise.”

Cate Blanchett's ecohome site in Mawgan Porth, Cornwall.

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“We believed that the project for the property was completed, but now there is a new request for land preparation.”

This task must not be allowed to take place during the holidays. We have never seen such a clear disrespect towards the visitors who come here for their vacations and the locals who want to enjoy the area during the holiday season.

The architect firm Watershedd, located in London, has rejected the accusations and declared that the noise in question must have originated from different construction projects. They stated, “Burgess’ statement cannot be regarding our client’s property, as there were no loud activities during the busiest vacation period last year. Once more, our client’s property has been mistakenly associated with ongoing developments in Mawgan Porth.”

We have kept in touch with our friendly and flexible neighbors to inform them about the beginning of our project and to ease any worries about the usual or expected noise or disruptions from construction.

Watershedd stated that their contractor was readily available to answer any questions residents had regarding the construction process.

Helen John, a neighbor, has referred to the couple’s recent request as a deliberate effort to gradually take over and develop a significant plot of land with ecological value.

Situ8, the consulting firm responsible for submitting the request on behalf of the couple, stated that the reduction of green area would be “minimal” in their response. Cornwall Council will make a decision regarding the updated application.

In 2022, 54-year-old Blanchett collaborated with clean energy entrepreneur Danny Kennedy to release a podcast focused on the urgency of the climate crisis.

Kennedy visited the Eden Project while staying with the Lord of the Rings actor and their family in Cornwall.

The entrepreneur shared with the Observer their enthusiasm for visiting old mines that now specialize in producing modern, clean-energy minerals and materials. They also stated their love for this type of industry.


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