Lee Anderson, a member of parliament for the Conservative Party, accuses Sadiq Khan of being controlled by “Islamists.”

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Lee Anderson, a member of the Conservative party, has stated that individuals who follow Islam have gained power over London and its mayor, Sadiq Khan.

During an interview on GB News, Anderson expressed his belief that Khan, who is the first Muslim mayor of London, has given control of the city to his friends.

I do not think that the Islamists have taken over our country, but I do believe that they have influenced Khan and London.

The Labour party demanded that Anderson be stripped of the Tory whip. Anneliese Dodds, the Labour chair, stated: “Lee Anderson’s remarks are blatantly racist and Islamophobic. Rishi Sunak must revoke the whip without delay. If he fails to do so, individuals will form their own opinion of the current Conservative party.”

The shadow minister for exports, Tan Dhesi, expressed his disappointment at the elected MP’s controversial and divisive statements against Sadiq Khan. Dhesi also highlighted the increase in Islamophobia and antisemitism in the country and urged for unity and action against hate crimes.

A representative from the Conservative party stated that Lee was emphasizing the fact that the mayor, in his role as the police and crime commissioner for London, has not effectively addressed the concerning Islamist marches that have taken place in the city recently.

According to a recent report, there has been a significant increase in anti-Muslim hatred in the UK in the past four months following Hamas’s attacks. The charity Tell Mama documented 2,010 incidents of Islamophobia between October 7th and February 7th, which is more than triple the number recorded during the same timeframe last year (600).

The Liberal Democrats’ candidate for mayor in London, Rob Blackie, has accused Anderson of promoting harmful conspiracy theories and has demanded that he is removed from the Tory party.

I reached out to the Conservative party and inquired about potential actions they may be considering taking against Anderson.

Anderson, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Ashfield, previously held the position of deputy chair of the Conservative party. However, he resigned from this role in mid-January due to his objections to the government’s policy on deportations to Rwanda.

During his appearance on GB News on Friday, Anderson proposed that politicians should get involved in police actions as they have not taken strong action against pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

Anderson stated that, as the leaders of the country, it is our responsibility to take control if the police are not fulfilling their duties.

Source: theguardian.com

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