Why did Russell Crowe film Robin Hood for a month with two broken legs? The answer: his love for art.

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Russell Crowe’s latest film, titled “Land of Bad,” is not faring well according to some reports. Despite being released in 1,000 American theaters this weekend, it has only earned back 10% of its budget. This makes it one of Crowe’s lowest-performing movies, regardless of its 59% score on Rotten Tomatoes (which is still four times higher than “Madame Web”).

This would be a major loss for many actors, causing them to retreat and avoid the public eye. However, Russell Crowe thrives on challenges, despite his numerous achievements in his career.

How can we generate interest in a typical war movie featuring one of the less popular Hemsworth brothers? It’s easy. Russell Crowe will remind you of his incredible toughness by recalling the time he continued to walk on his broken legs while filming a movie.

What blood? Crowe in the film.

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The movie was Robin Hood directed by Ridley Scott, and it seems that actor Russell Crowe had been waiting for the perfect moment to tell this story. In an interview with People, Crowe remembered a dangerous stunt where he had to leap off a portcullis onto uneven terrain. He admitted, “As I was jumping, I knew it was going to be painful.” He described the sensation as an electric shock that traveled through his body. Despite the difficulties, Crowe persevered through the filming of this big production. However, the last month of the job proved to be particularly challenging. There were several weeks where even walking was a struggle.

What actions did he take? Did he seek medical treatment? Did he halt production until he fully recovered? No. He stated, “I never discussed the injury with production, never took a day off because of it, I just kept going to work.” This begs the question, how did he know he had broken his legs if he didn’t see a doctor? The answer is simple. He did eventually see a doctor, but it was ten years later. He explained, “All for art.” He did not use a cast, splints, or painkillers, but continued to work and over time his legs healed themselves.

This individual exemplifies true masculinity by not letting anyone down, even when in urgent need of medical attention. Despite breaking his legs while playing Robin Hood, Russell Crowe received criticism for his accent sounding Jamaican. An apology is owed to Russell Crowe, who has a history of facing similar criticism.

Can you recall the pandemic? Do you remember when all movies were removed from theaters due to concerns that watching them in person could lead to the spread of the virus? Do you also remember that the only new movie to come out during that period was Unhinged, which featured Russell Crowe going crazy in a truck and getting stabbed in the eye?

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Do you recall when no one was interested in watching the film, until Russell Crowe put all his effort into the trailer and rejected the concept of cinema as art, declaring “Forget that. I have a new movie coming out called Unhinged. I’m serious. It’s going to be in theaters. Go watch it,” as a series of chaotic vehicle crashes played in the background? Did that make you want to see Unhinged?

Currently, the same situation is occurring. Did I initially have a desire to watch Land of Bad? Absolutely not. However, now that I am aware that Russell Crowe once broke his legs and continued to walk on them, I am slightly interested. After all, we can only speculate about the potential injuries he may have sustained while filming Land of Bad. Perhaps he suffered a broken collarbone, or was stabbed in the abdomen. Maybe his head even came off, but he persevered in order to not disappoint a Hemsworth. We won’t know the extent of his injuries for at least ten years, which is likely when he will finally seek medical attention. Nonetheless, we owe it to Russell Crowe to watch the film.

Source: theguardian.com

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