French movie star Alain Delon’s residence raided by police, uncovering numerous firearms.

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Authorities announced on Tuesday that 72 guns were confiscated by police from the residence of renowned French actor Alain Delon. According to prosecutors, Delon did not have a permit for any of the firearms.

Police additionally discovered a shooting range and over 3,000 rounds of ammunition at the rural residence of the suspect in Douchy-Montcorbon, located 84 miles (135km) south of Paris.

According to local prosecutor Jean-Cédric Gaux, 88-year-old Delon does not have the necessary authorization to possess a firearm.

The actor portrayed armed criminals in many of his popular movies, such as Borsalino. He is recognized for originating the Hollywood stereotype of the enigmatic, intellectual assassin in the 1967 film The Samurai.

Delon’s health has been declining since he had a stroke in 2019 and there has been a recent increase in conflict within his family.

Following a notification from a court-appointed official who discovered a weapon at his residence, a search was authorized by a judge.

Since the 1990s, Delon has rarely been seen in movies and his most recent notable public appearance was in 2019 when he was awarded an honorary Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

However, he did travel to Paris for the funeral of his dear friend and colleague Jean-Paul Belmondo in September 2021.

Recently, the youngest son of Delon made a formal accusation against his sister, alleging that she took advantage of Delon’s vulnerability.

The dispute became public when Anthony Delon, the eldest son of Delon, revealed to Paris Match magazine that his father’s health was not at its strongest state.

According to his attorney, Delon senior expressed being “surprised” and intends to take legal action for slander.

Last year, concerns were initially voiced regarding him when his three kids reported his ex-resident aide Hiromi Rollin for alleged harassment and hostile actions.

Delon is believed to have a net worth in the millions. In June, he auctioned off approximately 80 pieces of art for a total of over €8m (£6.8m).


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