The Body and Dis Fig: Orchards of a Futile Heaven review – awe-inspiring music for heavy times

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The duo known as S duo, who have a history of creating music in a post-apocalyptic world of metal and noise, join forces with Dis Fig, also known as Felicia Chen, a DJ, producer, and vocalist based in Berlin. Chen gained recognition for her unsettling album Purge in 2019 and her subsequent collaboration with The Bug. While listening to this album, there are moments where the dub-style sound resembles the insect-like persona of Kevin Martin at his most jaded and speaker-breaking, but even he may be taken aback by the intense moods displayed here. If current events and the overall state of the world have made happy pop songs and emotional ballads seem superficial, this incredibly heavy album may resonate more deeply.

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Fans of the band The Body will recognize the familiar sound of Chip King’s loud and intense vocals, which are still considered one of the best in modern music. The guitars, bass, and drum programming are once again heavily distorted, creating a powerful and intense sound. However, with Chen’s addition, the emotion and tone of the duo are deepened and expanded. Her vocals sometimes take on a choral quality, contrasting with the tracks in a “beauty vs. beast” dynamic. However, she also frequently interrupts this dynamic, allowing accusations to slip in and crack her voice with anger.

Lee Buford, the programmer of The Body, has consistently incorporated elements of techno, minimal wave, and industrial into their music. However, Chen’s experience in club culture appears to elevate these influences, as seen in the analog signal search of tracks like “Dissent” and “Shame”, or the powerful groove in “Coils of Kaa” accompanied by Chen’s chanting and taunting. Whether it’s a slow, sludge-metal rhythm or a pulsating techno beat, this album’s incredible sense of rhythm offers a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos.


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