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Rob Halford, the lead singer of Judas Priest, possesses a unique and impressive vocal range that can seamlessly shift from high-pitched falsetto to strong proclamations within a single song. As the band prepares to debut their newest album, Invincible Shield, Halford will be responding to inquiries from fans.

Halford’s history with the Midlands group stretches back almost to their very earliest days, joining them in 1973 and recording their debut album Rocka Rolla the following year. Somewhat in the shadow of punk rock for the remainder of the decade, they carved out a niche in the growing new wave of British heavy metal, particularly due to Halford’s theatricality and the band’s highly influential look: all studded leather and S&M chic.

In 1980, their album British Steel rose to the Top 5 in the UK, establishing them as influential metal icons of the decade. Their high-energy sound influenced the growth of thrash and speed metal, despite their shift to a glossier sound. Lead singer Halford departed in the early 1990s, but his return in 2003 marked a successful second phase for the band, resulting in four increasingly popular albums and a return to the Top 5 in 2018 with Firepower. During his time away from the band, Halford worked on three side projects – Fight, 2wo, and Halford – and publicly came out as gay, stating in a later interview with the Guardian that it was a positive and empowering decision for himself.

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At the age of 72, he has led an extraordinary life. Please leave your inquiries about it in the comments section below by 3pm GMT on Friday, March 1st. His responses will be published on the following Friday.


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