PinkPantheress’s performances have been praised for their smooth combination of different songs and styles, as she seamlessly transitions from her popular TikTok videos to live performances.

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The Capable of Love tour by inkPantheress may not have the most intricate production of any pop performance this year, but that’s what makes it stand out. The show loosely follows the gothic theme of her debut album Heaven Knows, with the 22-year-old musician and social media influencer surrounded by grand mirrors and antique-looking furniture. Throughout the concert, a spooky voice periodically announces different segments of the performance, adding to the haunted house atmosphere.

However, like Pink’s music, she struggles to stick to one genre for an extended period of time. Soon enough, burlesque dancers appear, performing to the emotional drum and bass fusion of “Where You Are.” Later on, during the energetic funky house track “The Aisle,” perfectly styled salsa dancers take over the stage as Pink relaxes on a couch, enjoying the show. Once they leave, she praises them as if she’s competing to be the first millennial judge on Strictly Come Dancing: “They killed it. They absolutely killed it.”

PinkPantheress in London on Friday.View image in fullscreen

The spontaneous nature of the performance – a fully-booked show at Alexandra Palace with a capacity of 10,000, which Pink downplays herself – cleverly reflects the charm of Pink’s music. She skillfully creates mashup art, combining different influences with such ease that they all seem fresh and unique. Her music is personal and she is not an overly energetic performer, but that is not an issue in this case: the d’n’b breaks, which form the base of many of her songs, are amplified significantly here and enhanced by a live drummer.

Pink portrays an exaggerated version of her online persona, posing and giving sultry looks with a touch of irony, resembling a character played by Jennifer Coolidge. As she struts across the stage, she carries a black baguette bag in a poised manner.

Despite having faced challenges with performing live vocals in the past, it’s difficult to detect any mistakes in her current performance. She confidently holds her own against intense and layered musical arrangements on tracks like “Another Life” and “Capable of Love,” and effortlessly stands out on more mellow songs like “Bury Me.” As she nears the end of her set, she delivers a strong finish with hits like “Boy’s a Liar Pt 2” and her collaboration with Central Cee, “Nice to Meet You.” The young and devoted audience is ecstatic and enamored, showing unwavering loyalty to a rare TikTok sensation who seamlessly transitioned from her bedroom to performing for thousands without compromising her unique identity.


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