Beyoncé reveals Act II of Renaissance during the Super Bowl and drops two new singles.

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Beyoncé surprised fans during the 58th Super Bowl by announcing the release of her second album in the Renaissance trilogy on 29 March. Along with the announcement, she also dropped two new singles.

The recent releases of Texas Hold Em and 16 Carriages suggest that “Act II” will feature a country-inspired sound to complement the popular dance and house music of 2022’s Renaissance.

During the Super Bowl, a self-referential teaser was released as part of a Verizon ad campaign, leading to the surprise release of new songs.

The commercial featured Beyoncé attempting to create a viral sensation through various tactics, such as a movie titled “Barbey” and a hologram known as “Beyonc-AI.” She even launched a mock presidential campaign for “Botus” before announcing, “Alright, they’re ready. Let’s release the new music.”

Soon after the advertisement aired, Beyoncé shared a new video on her Instagram account, giving a sneak peek of her upcoming single “Texas Hold Em” and announcing that “Act II” will be released on March 29.

Beyoncé at the 66th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.View image in fullscreen

Beyoncé’s supporters have been anticipating a new addition to Renaissance ever since the initial album was dropped in July 2022. In the accompanying liner notes, Beyoncé stated that this three-act project was recorded over the course of three years during the pandemic, which she describes as a time for stillness but also a time for heightened creativity.

New artwork has been revealed for the two latest singles, both showcasing Beyoncé donning a cowboy hat. At last week’s Grammys, she sported a white cowboy hat while her spouse, Jay-Z, accepted an accolade for his worldwide influence.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour made a total of $579 million and was accompanied by Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé, which was a combination of a documentary and concert film. This film was released in US theaters in November. The singer then released a new single, My House, in the following month.

Beyoncé recently announced the release of her album “Act II,” joining a number of other notable country artists who have also revealed plans for new albums this month. In February, Lana Del Rey confirmed that her country record, “Lasso,” is currently in the works, while Kasey Musgraves announced the upcoming release of her fifth album, “Deeper Well,” set to come out in mid-March.

Following Beyoncé’s announcement on Sunday, Lil Nas X, the rapper and singer known for his record-breaking country-inspired hit “Old Town Road” in 2019, shared on X: “Beyoncé is about to make me wear my cowboy hat again.”


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