A real estate agent from Georgia mistakenly received an invitation to participate in the Masters golf tournament.

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Upon arriving at his condo on Saint Simons Island in Georgia, Scott Stallings was greeted with a package containing the most esteemed letter in the sport of golf.

He was extended an invitation to participate in the April Masters tournament. However, there was one issue – this Scott Stallings is an Atlanta-based realtor, not the 54th highest ranked professional golfer in the world who has won three PGA Tour events.

“I am completely certain (100 emoji) that this is not meant for me,” realtor Stallings stated in a direct message to pro-golfer Stallings. “I do play, but I am nowhere near your level.”

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Scott Stallings shares posts on his Instagram account.

Scott Stallings is an Instagram user who shares content on his account.

Stallings, a professional golfer currently in Hawaii, shared on Twitter that he was eagerly checking his mailbox multiple times a day in hopes of receiving an invitation to participate in the Masters tournament for the first time since 2014. However, he was disappointed to discover that the invitation he received via direct message on Instagram from a realtor was actually a mistake. CNN has contacted Augusta National for their response to this incident.


— Scott Stallings (@stallingsgolf) January 2, 2023

At first, realtor Stallings told CNN that the pro-golfer believed it to be a prank. However, after seeing a photo of the invitation on Instagram, he was convinced by the realtor.

“I assure you, I was considering bringing my golf clubs and attending the invitation,” the realtor wrote on Instagram, mentioning that his wife persuaded him to contact the other Stallings.

Surprisingly, both Stallings are married to women named Jennifer.

The issue was resolved when the real estate agent brought the invitation to a nearby shipping store and sent it to the correct recipient.

Source: cnn.com

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