Travel disruptions are expected in the northern UK due to the ongoing Arctic chill, which will bring snow and ice.

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Next week, certain areas of the UK can expect snow, ice, and travel disturbances due to the arrival of frigid Arctic air.

The Met Office has released warnings for yellow snow and ice due to a predicted drop in temperatures in the upcoming days. Meteorologist Liam Eslick stated that temperatures will be approximately 5-6 degrees lower than the usual for this season.

A warning for snow and ice will be in effect from 3am on Monday until 9am on Tuesday in Northern Ireland. In Scotland, a similar warning will be in place for northern regions from midnight on Sunday until midnight on Monday. The warning will then expand to cover all of Scotland and northern England on Tuesday.

A warning for snow will be effective from midnight on Wednesday until midnight on Thursday in Northern Ireland, northern and western Scotland, parts of northern England, and Wales.

Eslick mentioned that there may be travel disruption in the northern regions where warnings are in place.

We suggest that individuals use main roads and try to avoid using country lanes if they can.

These locations will not receive any gritting or road clearances for the next few days.

Our suggestion is for individuals to allocate enough time in the morning to properly take care of their cars and to proceed with caution.

He explained that a powerful north wind is bringing in a frigid Arctic air mass, resulting in wintry showers in areas facing the wind.

According to him, there will be “icy conditions” and the maximum temperatures in parts of Scotland will be 0C, while southern parts of the UK will experience temperatures of only 2C to 4C.


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