Thirteen kids perish in fire at a Chinese boarding school.

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According to Chinese state media, a fire at a primary school in central Henan province has resulted in the death of thirteen students who were staying in the dormitories.

According to a teacher from the school, as reported by the state-run Hebei Daily, all of the individuals affected were students in the same third-grade class, ranging in age from nine to ten years old.

According to China’s state broadcaster, CCTV, a hospitalized individual was rescued from the location.

The fire in the rural Fangcheng district started on Friday night and was put out just before midnight. The boarding school’s owner was detained, CCTV said.

According to a report from Agence-France Presse, the vicinity of the school was sealed off on Saturday night, and multiple police officers were seen monitoring the area.

The owner of the supermarket stated that she was asleep at the time of the fire, but had been informed of the tragic event.

She stated that the majority of the students at the school reside in this vicinity. She also mentioned that our children do not attend that school, so we are not familiar with the specifics.

The fire started after most of the nearby shop owners had already gone to sleep.

According to multiple sources, the school provides students, many of whom come from rural regions, with a break every other week. However, the recent weekend was not considered a break.

The school, located in Dushu, serves mainly students in the primary grades. It also has a kindergarten attached to it, as stated on the school’s WeChat page.

Frequent occurrences of fires and other fatal incidents are seen in China. In November, a fire at a coal company office in China’s Shanxi province resulted in the death of 26 individuals and sent many more to the hospital.

In the previous month, a blast at a BBQ eatery in the north-west resulted in the death of 31 individuals. Additionally, the collapse of a school gym roof in the north-east claimed the lives of 11 people in July.

In April of last year, a fire at a hospital in Beijing resulted in the death of 29 individuals and caused survivors to resort to jumping out of windows in order to flee.


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