The Princess of Wales is currently undergoing abdominal surgery at a hospital in London.

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According to Kensington Palace, the Princess of Wales has undergone a successful surgery on her abdomen and is currently receiving treatment in the hospital. She is expected to stay there for a maximum of two weeks.

Catherine, who is 42 years old, was checked into the London Clinic on Tuesday for a scheduled procedure. However, no additional information was disclosed. The palace stated that she desired to keep her medical details confidential.

The palace stated that she will stay at the private hospital for 10 to 14 days and then return home to continue her recovery. According to current medical advice, she is not expected to resume public duties until after Easter.

The palace released a statement stating that the Princess of Wales is grateful for the attention this announcement will receive. She hopes the public will respect her need to provide a sense of normalcy for her children and keep her personal medical details confidential.

Kensington Palace will only release updates about Her Royal Highness’s progress when there is important new information to share.

The Princess of Wales would like to express her regret to everyone involved for having to reschedule her upcoming commitments. She hopes to reschedule as many as possible in the near future.

The palace declined to verify the reason for Catherine’s treatment, but did confirm that it was not related to cancer.

The prince and princess will not be traveling internationally in the upcoming months.

The Prince of Wales is likely to reschedule several of his commitments as he cares for their three kids. It is believed that he will not carry out any official responsibilities while his wife is in the hospital or right after she returns home.

Carole and Michael Middleton, along with her siblings Pippa Matthews and James Middleton, will be there to assist her in her recuperation at the residence of the royal couple in Windsor.

On Catherine’s recent birthday, the official social media accounts of the monarchy posted a new behind-the-scenes photo of her at the king’s coronation from the previous year.

Although she appeared to be in good health, she was hospitalized during her pregnancy due to experiencing hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness.

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She has a strong interest in physical activity and often takes part in sports during her official royal engagements.

After her marriage to William in 2011 and gaining the title HRH, she has dedicated her efforts to charitable work, specifically in the areas of mental health and early childhood development.

According to reports, the couple are very involved in parenting and often take turns doing the school drop-off. They make an effort to be home during official engagements to support each other.

The amount of official duties they have taken on has increased since becoming the Prince and Princess of Wales, particularly after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down as active members of the royal family.

Catherine is frequently referred to by royal experts as a reliable member of the monarchy and known for her “stay calm and carry on” mentality.

Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, who served as private secretary to the Cambridges and the Duke of Sussex and previously worked for Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, shared with the Times: “She makes an effort to converse with individuals. She possesses a strong determination and has a similar demeanor to the queen mother, always ready to take charge when necessary.”


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