The chief constable of Northampton is under scrutiny for allegations regarding their military service.

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The head of the Northamptonshire police force will undergo a sped-up investigation for severe misconduct due to allegations that he misrepresented his military experience, including wearing a medal for a war he did not participate in.

Nick Adderley, who was the police chief from August 2018 until he was suspended in October, has been accused of wearing a medal from the Falklands war, which occurred when he was 15 years old.

There have been inquiries regarding his assertions of achieving the rank of commander in the navy and serving for 10 years in the military.

The accusations were brought to the attention of the Independent Office for Police Conduct, who recommended that he undergo an expedited disciplinary hearing.

The IOPC released a statement stating that their criminal investigation into Adderley is still in progress. Once it is completed, they will determine whether or not to send a file of evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service for potential charges.

Last July, it was revealed that Adderley had worn a Falklands War medal even though he was only 15 years old at the time of the conflict. He did not join the navy until 1984, two years after the war had ended.

Adderley previously stated that the medal was originally owned by his brother and he received it as a present from him.

He expressed disappointment that private information regarding a personal family matter, which he has not yet officially addressed, has been made public by someone.

As a member of a military family, I proudly display all of my medals. I have always worn the two medals given to me by my brothers when one fell seriously ill and the other moved away, in addition to my own.

According to his statement, he altered the placement of his medals on his chest based on guidance received. The Royal British Legion advises that “the medals given to a deceased service or ex-service member can be worn on the right side of the chest by a close family member.”

The NN Journal later stated that Adderley had mentioned in his resume, which was read by the panel when appointing him to his position in 2018, that he had previously held a role as a commander in the Royal Navy.

There have been multiple reports stating that Adderley was a member of the navy for ten years. This information was also mentioned in a press release from the Northamptonshire police in February of last year, stating that he “served in the Royal Navy for 10 years, which included time during the Falklands war.”

It has been reported that he was only in the navy for two years.

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Following the disclosure of the accusations, the head of the police force was temporarily removed from their position in October for further inquiry. In their place, a temporary head was appointed.

A report from the office of the county’s police, fire, and crime commissioner, Stephen Mold, stated that the IOPC is currently conducting an investigation. Based on the evidence collected so far, it has been determined that there is a potential for gross misconduct. A hearing will be scheduled as soon as possible.

I am currently gathering a group of unbiased individuals to review the accusations.

In 2018, Adderley took on the role of leading the Northamptonshire police department after starting his career in law enforcement in 1992 and working in Cheshire, Greater Manchester, and Staffordshire.

He has been in the news multiple times for stirring up controversy with his posts on social media.

Adderley was requested for a statement.


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