Dozens of people in Yunnan province, China were buried in a landslide, according to reports from state media.

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State media reported that a landslide in China’s Yunnan province in the south-west has resulted in the burial of forty-seven individuals.

On Monday, CCTV reported that approximately 18 families were trapped and over 200 individuals were relocated due to a disaster. In response, the government deployed over 200 rescue personnel and numerous fire trucks and tools, according to CCTV.

Landslides frequently occur in Yunnan, a secluded area of China where steep mountain ranges meet the Himalayan plateau. The recent disaster took place in a rural location surrounded by tall peaks covered in snow. According to weather data, temperatures in Zhenxiong remained at approximately -4C on Monday morning.

Video footage shared online by a nearby media outlet depicted emergency personnel dressed in orange jumpsuits and helmets sifting through heaps of rubble among majestic mountains coated with a layer of snow.

An official explanation for the cause was not provided immediately.

In recent months, China has faced a series of natural calamities, including sudden and heavy rainfalls, resulting from extreme weather conditions.

According to media reports, heavy rain in September caused a mountain landslide in the southern region of Guangxi, resulting in the deaths of at least seven individuals.

In August, torrential rains led to a comparable tragedy in the vicinity of Xi’an, resulting in the loss of over 20 lives. Additionally, in June, a landslide occurred in the remote and mountainous region of Sichuan province, claiming the lives of 19 individuals.


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