Why Ryan Gosling’s energy is the standout during awards season.

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Name: Ryan Gosling.

Age: 43.

Appearance: The delight of awards season.

Did Gosling receive many accolades this year? No, not one.

Unfortunately, that does not sound particularly pleasant. However, he has received numerous award nominations for his portrayal of Ken in Barbie. This requires him to attend all the awards ceremonies.

He is fortunate. The unfortunate man has to endure a quarter of the year being publicly defeated. However, this is actually a positive thing. A awards event with Gosling present is much better than one without him.

Why? This is because Gosling serves as a unique connection between the awards show and the audience watching from home, unlike most other actors in Hollywood.

Is it accurate? Affirmative. Were you able to watch the Critics’ Choice awards on Sunday evening?

Absolutely not. What occurred? I am Ken, the track performed by Gosling near the finale of the Barbie movie, was awarded best song. However, while everyone else in the cast and crew stood up to congratulate the songwriter, Mark Ronson, Gosling responded just like the rest of us.

Unclear confusion? Indeed. He remained seated, observing his surroundings with a furrowed brow, as if anticipating someone to reveal that the entire situation was a joke. And thus, the meme that individuals will constantly tweet when they are perplexed by your words was created.

However, this is only one example. It does not necessarily mean that he is the standout of awards season. He also attended the Golden Globes, where the host, Jo Koy, had a worse performance than any other recent host. At one point during his act, when he made a joke about Barbie’s “boobies”, the camera captured Gosling giving Koy a disapproving and unimpressed look.

Do you know what this reminds me of? That Gosling is the highlight of awards season?

It appears that Gosling has discovered that the most effective strategy for navigating awards season is to exude an air of detached amusement. This allows the internet to project their own exaggerated emotions onto him, making him go viral each time. It’s definitely all about the enjoyment factor.

Can you confirm? Absolutely! Observe how he tackled the Barbie press tour, maintaining a stoic facade of complete irony. He coined the phrase “Kenergy” and advocated for financial support to study its nature. Cillian Murphy did not do the same during his promotion of Oppenheimer.

Okay, he is a pleasure. He is simply Ken.

Say: “Ryan Gosling is the highlight of awards season.”

Avoid saying: “It’s a pity that he won’t win the Oscar compared to Robert Downey Jr.”

Source: theguardian.com

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