The dancefloor becomes a battleground: the rise of wealthy gen Zers and their Saltburn trend that defies parody.

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Title: The Saltburn Dance.

Age: Brand new – the movie was released in November.

Appearance: Mansion-based disco.

Can we continue discussing Saltburn? Honestly, I didn’t understand the hype. That was some sharp criticism; Peter Bradshaw can relax now. But not exactly. You know how TikTok enjoys popular dance trends?

I am familiar with TikTok, but that is the extent of my knowledge. Do you recall the scene in Saltburn where Oliver, played by Barry Keoghan, dances in the nude at the eponymous stately home to the song “Murder on the Dancefloor” by Sophie Ellis-Bextor?

Avoid using the word “banger” again. However, it is quite unforgettable. The young boy is skilled at dancing. Recently, Generation Z TikTokers have been recreating this scene in their own homes or in their parents’ homes, dancing in extravagant settings such as a luxurious chateau in Cannes or various British mansions and other desirable residences. This has caused some commotion.

What’s causing the debate? Is it the lack of clothing? No, they are covered up; TikTok has strict guidelines. However, the dancers have faced criticism for being insensitive, flaunting their extravagant homes and lifestyles during these difficult economic times. The trend showcases opulent mansions with grand pianos and old family portraits, formal attire, fancy dresses, wine, and dogs… like a blend of Tatler and TikTok. Some viewers have pointed out that the dancers are overlooking the message of the film, in which the wealthy and privileged characters face consequences for their actions.

Can you clarify what people are saying? I haven’t come across any particularly harsh insults. It’s mostly different versions of “you didn’t understand the movie” and the classic phrase “eat the rich.” I especially enjoyed the suggestion to make “Saltburn” into a verb.

If we turn it into a verb, “to Saltburn” should be the action of Keoghan’s gyrating hips. However, isn’t the main focus of the film the irresistible allure of a beautiful home and lifestyle? Director Emerald Fennell has stated that it’s about the irresistible nature of the location and its people, and the film puts in effort to showcase its dreamy setting. Although there may be a subtle satirical commentary on envy, the dancers mostly seem to be enjoying their beauty in beautiful places.

The town of Saltburn appeared quite beautiful. If you’re interested in experiencing it like Oliver, TikTok can guide you to the real-life Drayton House, which is currently not open to visitors. A popular video has demonstrated how to reach the footpath that passes by the house, with over 4 million views.

Interestingly, I have watched the original dance an equal number of times. Did you previously not understand the hype surrounding it?

Say this: “It’s difficult to dance on Daddy’s dance floor.”

Avoid saying: “Upcoming trend on TikTok: paying tribute to the Saltburn grave scene.”


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