“I believe Villanelle would fit in well as a scouser,” commented Jodie Comer.

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If you could become a TV or film character – either one you’ve played or not – for a week, who would you be? Doartpho

Currently, I wish to embody Mary Poppins due to her exceptional productivity, as I am in dire need of organizing my apartment. Spending a week as her would greatly benefit me. Additionally, I am interested in knowing the whereabouts and activities of Chloe Gemell from My Mad Fat Diary. I wonder what she is currently occupied with. I find her innocence endearing.

Can you imagine how your most well-known characters would have been portrayed if you had decided to use your original Liverpool accent instead? TopTramp

It is likely that there would have been significant differences, but I believe that Villanelle [from Killing Eve] would fit in well with a scouser accent. While the accents were necessary for the character transformation, I thoroughly enjoyed using my own accent in Help and Prima Facie. In the past, I believed that I needed to alter my accent to distance myself, but now I realize that is not necessary. As a result, I have been enjoying acting with my own accent more recently.

Jodie Comer in The End Where We Start From

What if you transformed your imaginative dreams into a script as a Pisces, the most imaginative astrological sign? missspeck and dblublue

I am not fond of the idea! I have a very active imagination when I dream. While working on Prima Facie, I continuously had a nightmare where I was performing on stage but the ceiling was too low, forcing me to stoop throughout the entire play. I experienced many anxiety-inducing dreams leading up to the first preview.

Did the scene in Prima Facie on Broadway have a missing Pot Noodle, possibly due to an import issue? RachelC

Justin Martin, the director, was constantly searching for the perfect opening for our performance. When we arrived on Broadway, he decided to make some changes. I was relieved because during the filming of the National Theatre Live version, the noodles were dry and I had difficulty swallowing a big noodle. My eyes were watering and I thought I might have to stop, but once the Pot Noodle was finished, I was grateful.

Jodie Comer in Suzie Miller’s play Prima Facie

What methods do you use to maintain a sense of security while portraying complex and emotionally charged characters? MarwaKobeissi
Just with all the stuff we put to one side when we really need it, like a really nice hot bath, cooking a healthy meal, getting good sleep, music, candles … anything that calms your nervous system when you come home from work to settle yourself. I have a tendency to become so consumed by work that I have my blinkers on. It’s important to keep friends and family near, otherwise I’ll come up for air after a job and I’m like: “Where is everyone?” and they’re like: “No, where were you?!”

Villanelle is the greatest TV character of all time. You seem to master accents effortlessly, even switching within a scene. Does this mean you’re good at impressions? If so, who can you do? pegmiester
One of my earliest memories was dressing up as Anastacia when I was nine or ten years old. My mom’s friends would come over and I would perform for them in the hallway. I was a very self-assured child.

Where do you store your awards? Have you encountered any challenges when bringing them through airport security? – Tessa

I have not needed to bring them through security as I do not carry them with me. They are currently on the floor in the living room. I am unsure of what to do with them. Should I place them in the downstairs toilet? That may come across as ostentatious: “Behold, my awards in the restroom!”

Is there a talent that you wish you had, despite your existing talent? RachelC

There are many things I wish I could do, such as play the piano and guitar, or even do the splits.

At what moment did you come to the realization that you desired to pursue acting? ValerieS23

I participated in the Liverpool drama festival at the age of 12. We were divided into groups and each group had to present a monologue. My monologue was about the Hillsborough disaster and a young girl coping with her father’s death on the anniversary of a football match. This was the first time my dad had seen me act, and he simply told me to do my best. I can still picture his expression after I finished performing. Seeing my parents proud brought me a great sense of satisfaction and motivated me to pursue more opportunities in acting.

Jodie Comer as Villanelle with Sandra Oh as Eve in season 2 of Killing Eve

What was your most memorable elimination as Villanelle? Did you have the chance to keep any of the costumes? From SydniZ and Skg0103.

I have a vivid memory of the hairpin incident, as it was the initial one. She extracted a syringe from her hairpin and used it to stab someone in the eye. I managed to keep a few pairs of shoes, but I would not feel comfortable wearing her clothing in public.

Do you prefer chips with gravy or chips with curry sauce?

I have a strong affinity for gravy, although my preference may change depending on my mood. However, I tend to lean towards chips and curry sauce. It might be considered against the norm to claim that gravy is typically associated with the northern region. Let’s not create division, we are all companions here.

Jodie Comer with Stephen Graham in the Channel 4 drama Help

Which would you prefer: winning an Oscar or seeing Everton win the league? Dixieboo
The Oscar is considered the pinnacle of acting. You receive one of them … but I think I have to say winning the league, purely to see the joy and elation on my dad and my brother’s faces.

What do you to cheer yourself up when you’re having a bad day or feeling down? Rachluvzstars

Listen to some tunes. Sip on a cup of tea. Enjoy a chocolate cookie. Give my mom a call.

Is there something on your list of things to do that you haven’t tried yet, like horror, comedy, romcom, sci-fi, or musicals? Imexpensive and kiralabosky

I am interested in creating science fiction works that have a basis in real life. I would be particularly drawn to producing something similar to the show Black Mirror. Another genre I am passionate about is musicals. I am open to various projects as long as singing is involved. Perhaps a modern adaptation of a beloved classic, although not Mary Poppins since Emily Blunt has recently taken on that role. Another possibility could be a biographical film. However, I do not think a musical version of Killing Eve would be a good idea. Please do not start spreading that as a rumor!

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