surgery Michael Bolton is recovering at his residence following a surgical procedure to remove a brain tumor.

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Michael Bolton stated that he was recovering at his residence following a successful surgery to eliminate a brain tumor during the holiday season.

The American musician explained that he was putting in extra effort to speed up his recovery, but due to his diagnosis and subsequent surgery, he had to temporarily pause his tour.

On Instagram, he announced that he was diagnosed with a brain tumor right before the holidays and needed to have surgery right away.

“Thanks to the amazing efforts of my medical team, the surgery was a success. I am currently recovering at home, surrounded by the immense love and support of my family.”

The singer who has won two Grammy awards announced that he will be focusing on his recovery for the upcoming months.

Bolton, aged 70, had a scheduled performance on February 1st at the Murray theatre located at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Florida. He also had six tour dates planned for February, followed by three in both March and April.

It is currently uncertain if Bolton and guest Bonnie Tyler will be able to perform as scheduled at the London O2 Arena on July 25th.

I find it difficult to disappoint my fans or reschedule a show, but I am committed to recovering quickly and returning to performing as soon as possible.

“I am extremely thankful for the love and support that you have graciously given me over the years. Please know that I am holding onto your positive messages in my heart and I will provide more updates as soon as possible.”


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