Review of D-Block Europe’s Rolling Stone: Soothing, slow-paced remedies with a melodic touch of codeine.

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The song Prada, a catchy but effective remix of D-Block Europe’s Ferrari Horses, has remained popular in the Top 10 since last summer. It showcases the London duo’s confidence in their position as the most successful UK rap group to date, with a record of nine Top 20 albums or mixtapes and 28 Top 40 singles in just five years. Interestingly, Prada has not been imitated or featured on Rolling Stone, demonstrating the duo’s unique style. Other tracks like Eagle, Lady in Hermes, and I Need It Now continue to showcase their preference for a minimalist and almost hypnotic sound, with more catchy melodies in a minute than many rappers achieve in their entire career.

However, the lyrics of the duo are often unimpressive. While Young Adz and Dirtbike LB have previously spoken and rapped eloquently about the challenges of living in the trap, their mental health struggles, and the comfort of therapy, their interventions in this album mainly revolve around sex and shopping (usually for marijuana or designer bags). At times, Adz’s frequent use of AutoTune in his rapping (“vibrator at home, it’s been a long day”, he softly prompts on Bando Aiko) can sound like a dying robot begging for attention. Nonetheless, once you become hooked on their slow and soothing music, Rolling Stone provides a surprisingly comforting listening experience.


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