Review of Blue Raspberry by Katy Kirby – Hidden Depth Beneath an Effortless Tone

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Katy Kirby’s debut album, Cool Dry Place, released in 2021, introduced the singer-songwriter from Texas as a composed and clever artist with a light and airy singing style and indie influences that led to unique and original lyrics. Growing up in a religious home, she only discovered secular music later on. Her second album, written in Nashville, showcases her growth in both skill and playfulness as she makes up for lost time. The subtly groovy track Drop Dead brings to mind Feist’s ability to infuse depth into a breezy sound. Party of the Century is not an upbeat anthem, but a delicate love song exploring the ethical implications of bringing children into the world. As she sings, “Baby, you and I are both limited by time,” capturing the fleeting nature of existence.

The main song on the album, Blue Raspberry, was titled after a snow cone flavor that did not actually contain any raspberry. Kirby’s fascination with deceptive appearances is also evident in other songs such as Cubic Zirconia, which references artificially produced diamonds. However, the focus of these tracks is the development of a love affair that values simplicity and subtle charm. During this time, Kirby came to understand her queer identity, fell in love, and eventually moved on; as described by Wait Listen as a “carpet bomb of oestrogen.” The song Redemption Arc, featuring a delicate piano melody, serves as confirmation of Kirby’s genuine talent.


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