Madonna and Live Nation have responded to a lawsuit over delayed concert start times.

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According to Billboard, Madonna’s team and Live Nation, the concert promoter, have stated that they will strongly defend against a lawsuit claiming that the star’s delayed start to her Celebration tour concerts in New York City caused harm to fans.

Two fans recently filed a class action lawsuit against the 65-year-old pop star. They are accusing her of violating her contract with concertgoers by starting her three shows at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn two hours later than scheduled. According to the fans, this caused inconvenience for those who had to work early the next day.

The lawyers representing Michael Fellows and Jonathan Hadden state that the actions of the defendants not only violate their contracts, but also involve deliberate false advertising, careless misrepresentation, and unjust and deceitful trade practices.

The statement released by Madonna and Live Nation states that the shows in North America began at Barclays in Brooklyn as scheduled, except for a technical problem on December 13 during soundcheck. This resulted in a delay, which was extensively covered by the media at the time. The parties involved plan to strongly defend themselves in this case.

They mentioned that the initial part of the tour in Europe received high praise. Some of the performances at London’s O2 Arena were affected by technical problems, resulting in delays or abbreviated shows.

Fellows and Hadden filed a lawsuit including the venue as a defendant, claiming that they anticipated the concert they went to on December 13th would begin at 8:30pm. They also stated that they would not have purchased tickets if they had known the concert would not start until after 10:30pm.

The trio of accused individuals were charged with engaging in trade practices that were deemed to be unethical, unfair, and/or misleading. This was due to the delayed commencement of services, which the plaintiffs claim violates the terms of the agreement and is an intentional form of deceitful promotion.

The defendants did not inform ticket holders that the concerts would begin significantly later than the time stated on the ticket and advertised. Their lawsuit argued that Madonna’s past track record of being late should have made the organizers aware of a potential delay and they should have alerted fans.

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According to the men, certain ticket holders were left without transportation options after the concert ended at 1am. They also mentioned that car services had raised their prices and the concert being on a weeknight meant they had to wake up early for work or family duties the following day.


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