Juan Mendez, also known as Silent Servant, passes away.

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Juan Mendez, a musician in the techno genre and part of the Sandwell District group, who was recognized for his work under the alias Silent Servant, has passed away.

The death of the individual was confirmed by their press representative in the United Kingdom. While they were approximately in their forties, the specific age and reason for their passing have not been disclosed.

Known for his intense and often sinister yet mesmerizing approach to production, Mendez was born in Los Angeles to Cuban and Mexican parents. He developed a passion for DJing in his teenage years, stating in 2019 that he was never a punk but rather a “new wave nerd” but still had a strong punk rock-inspired work ethic.

In 2006, he began creating and releasing his own music under the name Silent Servant, along with Regis, Female, and Function from the Sandwell District. Mendez also served as the graphic designer for the group while working as an art director in addition to his music pursuits.

After disbanding in 2011, Sandwell District, Mendez started his own label called Jealous God. He has also released music through various other labels, with his latest release being in November 2023 through Berlin’s Tresor. In the same year, Sandwell District reunited and were getting ready for a notable performance at Primavera festival in Barcelona, along with the release of a compilation album in February.

Musicians have paid tribute to Mendez, with Daniel Avery calling him “an amazing artist and incredibly gentle guy”. Drew Daniel, of Matmos and the Soft Pink Truth, said Mendez was a “truly original and gifted producer”, while Peter Van Hoesen described him as “one of the kindest people in electronic music”.

Source: theguardian.com

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